Silver Package: $99.95
The Silver Package includes the basics you need to get started with your cupcake store. You’ll learn top secrets from experts in the know, including:

Selecting the ideal location and store size, and securing competitive rent
Developing a marketing plan and advertising strategy
Setting the proper pricing structure for your cupcakes
Securing financing and applying for a loan to open cupcake store
Launching and staffing your new store

Gold Package: $199.95
The Gold Package includes the real inside secrets on recipes, baking equipment, locating suppliers, and creating appealing interior design for your cupcake store.

You’ll learn all you need to know about:

The best recipes and secret mixing and baking tips to make the most delicious cupcakes ever
Special tips and tricks for making delicious frosting
Selecting top-of-the-line baking equipment, ideally suited to your needs
A comprehensive list of suppliers, offering the best quality ingredients and toppings for your cupcakes
The best strategies for arranging and displaying your products
Interior design and build-out resources for your new store

Platinum: $249.95
The Platinum Package includes a blueprint to draft a professional business plan. Securing a Small Business Loan (SBA) without a business plan is nearly impossible. Use our sample business plan to draft a business plan tailored to your gourmet cupcake business. Highlights include:

Executive Summary
Products and Services
Marketing Plan
Risk Analysis
Pricing Strategy
Management and Organization
Personal Financial Statement
Startup Expense and Capitalization
Financial Plan

More Book Highlights
Where to find best pricing for top quality appliances, toppings, serving containers, plastic cutlery, and all other miscellaneous items you need to run your Cupcake store.

Which manufactures make the best, most reliable and cost effective top-of-the-line baking ovens & equipments.

How to find the best prices for your ovens & equipments, and even which ovens & equipments work best for a particular type of cupcake mix.

**SPECIAL BONUS** Addendices A, B & C include a list of top online small business resources, a flavor chart and inside tips for the best cupcake toppings.

With the Ultimate Package you receive all three Top Secrets to Opening a New Cupcake Store packages—Silver, Gold & Platinum Packages + the special bonus, all for $249.95 -- a tremendous value!