The best tasting cupcakes begin with top quality ingredients, made with the perfect mix, fine-tuned in ideal proportions—as the old saying goes: garbage in, garbage out. If you don’t start with quality ingredients, combined in the proper proportions, you’ll end up with terrible tasting cupcakes, and zero business.

Top Secrets to Opening a New Cupcake Store gives you all the inside tips, tricks and industry secrets to select, mix and bake the best cupcakes you’ve ever tasted! Not to mention a comprehensive list of suppliers offering the best quality ingredients at the most competitive prices.

You can’t make great tasting cupcakes without the right equipment. The manufacture, make and model of the mixing tools and baking equipment all make a big impact on how your cupcakes turn out. If you don’t select the right equipment for your particular needs, you will end up with lousy cupcakes and big problems.

Fortunately, Top Secrets to Opening a New Cupcake Store gives the complete low-down all on all the best equipment, ideally suited to the needs of your new cupcake store.

We’ve evaluated all baking equipment currently available, and provide recommendations based on ease of use, cleaning and maintenance, not to mention the equipment that will help you make the best cupcakes possible!

Ideal Solution
Become Your Own Boss!

With Top Secrets to Opening a New Cupcake Store you’ll have all the tools you need to get your cupcake store off the ground in no time at all. You can quit wasting away working for someone else, worrying about layoffs and pay cuts. Open you own gourmet cupcake business and realize your dream of owning your own business.

Benefits of opening a cupcake store:

Gourmet cupcakes are very popular, with tons of consumer demand
Start-up costs are low compared to many new business opportunities
A cupcake store is easy to manage and inexpensive to maintain

A Bright Future!

The gourmet cupcake business is one of the hottest trends in new small business ventures, and the consumer base is growing exponentially. Current data points toward very positive growth rates for the next 2-5 years. And this equates to continued profits for your business in the coming future.